Makeup Lovers, Rejoice! A Naked Palette For The Smoky Eye Is On The Way


When Urban Decay's Naked palette first launched, it was as if women had never seen nude makeup before. People went apesh*t.

Not long after, the makeup giant released Naked 2 and Naked 3, each more popular than the last.

So ladies, prepare for mass hysteria because the fourth palette in the uber-popular collection is about to drop, and from what I hear, it's amazing.

Set to launch on July 8, Naked Smoky is, as the name implies, designed to help you achieve the perfect smoky eye.

It's packed with a range of neutrals in both matte and shimmer finishes, for a total of nine new and three palette-exclusive shades.

Founder Wende Zomnir explains,

Interestingly, unlike the first three palettes, the colors in Naked Smoky are arranged not from lightest to darkest, but by finish: All the shimmer shades are on one side and the mattes on the other. As such, all of the lightest shades are arranged toward the exterior of the palette while the darker shades hang out in the middle. Zomnir says this arrangement was designed to help customers create a smoky eye more intuitively, rather than following a set progression of shades.

She adds,

Along with the actual shadows, the newest palette includes four instruction cards, each outlining a different smoky eye look, as well as a new double-sided brush designed specifically for creating the ultimate smudgy smoky eye.

The palette will cost $54, and there's already a waiting list . But judging by fans' reactions, did you expect anything else?

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