Most People Try To Get A's, She Tried To Get O's: There Are Now Classes That Teach Women How To Orgasm Better

If you keep getting stuck in the sack, unable to finish what you started, you might want to check out Orgasmic Bliss.

It's a six-week online course that teaches women how to maximize their climax, or what we like to call "climaximizing" (see what we did there?).

Tantra practitioner and vagina whisperer Layla Martin developed this class in hopes of helping women experience their full orgasmic pleasures, because why should boys be the only ones who get all the glory?

Over the six weeks, women learn how to use their body chemistry, pelvic floor, mind and breathing to enhance their Big O's. Promised results include turning into a sexual unicorn and orgasm goddess, all for a hefty fee of $180.

But is an advertised lifetime of sexual bliss worth the price tag?

Sex editor Rachel Khona from YourTango enthusiastically volunteered herself to try it out. In her editorial, Khona describes participating in different sessions like "Pussy Breathing" ("breathing" from your vagina), the "Sexy Squeeze" (Kegels), "Inner Smiling" (smiling to yourself) and "Emotional Theater" (releasing negative emotions), among many others.

And according to Rachel, the classes didn't disappoint.

"My clitoris was happier than she had been in a long time," Khona says.

It's nice to see a woman and her vagina receive a happy ending.

Via: YourTango, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr