Five Last Minute Hairstyles

Some days I wake up and I’m instantly energetic, eager to spend time blowing out or curling my hair. Other days, I wake up completely against my will and procrastinate for 45 minutes, lying in bed staring at my ceiling.

On days like this I punish myself by leaving ten minutes to get ready. Thankfully, messy, last minute hairstyles are quick and always in fashion. Sometimes, these styles look better to me than a polished blow out.

The Sock Bun

A trend that has been seen literally everywhere this year. This is such an effortless style and tutorials are all over YouTube. The sock bun makes it look like it takes time and precision to achieve and really takes less than five minutes, what else can the girl on the go ask for?

The Pony Tail

A technique women everywhere have been using since childhood. Dress up the simple ponytail by wrapping a small piece of hair around the tie.

The Braid

Similar to the ponytail, just a little more exciting. With braids you’re not limited to one simple style. Various types of braids, such as fishtail and herringbone, are just as easy to execute.

The Messy Bun

This is my absolute go to last minute hairstyle. A lot of tutorials on YouTube try to explain “steps” needed to achieve this look. I’ve always found that throwing your hair back and tying a bun together as quickly and thoughtlessly as possible, looks best.

Embracing Your Natural Hair

Accept your natural hair texture and simply let it do it’s own thing. Messy is in after all.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images