MAC's 'Cinderella' Line Was Made For Your Inner Disney Princess

By Gigi Engle

Disney diehards, this one's for you.

MAC Cosmetics, the makeup powerhouse, announced they're releasing a Cinderella-themed makeup line inspired by the upcoming Disney movie, "Cinderella," hitting theaters March 13.

The MAC x Cinderella makeup collection is slated for online release online February 26 and in stores March 5, so you can rock your Princess-inspired pout to the premiere.

Who doesn't want to look like Cinderella?!

For real, you don't even want to know what I would've given to own these compacts when I was a little tot. Actually, I still want this entire line today... I mean, what?

The packaging is the same blue as Cinderella's fairytale ball gown, and the collection includes a dreamy pink-gold lipstick, a perfectly princess-like eyeshadow pallet and even containers of loose glitter so you can be the proverbial belle of the ball.

(Glass shoes, unfortunately, not included.)

Last year, MAC released a line based on "Maleficent" from the blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie, and this new collection looks just as magical.

Serious question: Am I technically a princess for already asking someone to buy me this entire set?

Because if there's one thing missing from my already out-of-control makeup collection, it's an entire set based off "Cinderella."

We'd even give up shoes -- and Prince Charming -- for this one.

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