Would You Try Lobster Weight Loss Cream?

There’s been some interesting beauty ingredients presented throughout the past few years. I’ll never forget the snake venom lip-gloss I was obsessed with in middle school (for whatever reason), and I’m constantly impressed by new releases and innovations.

DERMAdoctor seems to have the latest in bizarre beauty ingredients. Their new Shrinking Beauty cream mirrors the ecdysteroid hormone that lobsters produce in order to stay skinny, and wriggle-free from their shells.

That’s right. This body cream was completely inspired by lobsters. Definitely unique. The cream, called DERMAdoctor Shrinking Beauty guarantees that you’ll lose up to an inch within two weeks of use.

This product also helps with skin dimples. For $58 per 5.5 fluid ounces, would you try this cream?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images