Why We Need To End The Bikini Bridge Madness Right Now

by Elite Daily Staff

The Bikini Bridge: What started as a “hoax” (can someone explain to me how posting photos of emaciated bodies and asking everyone to talk about it is considered a hoax?) from the anonymous users of 4chan, has now become a viral, Internet phenomenon.

Not because the term’s creators were particularly clever (according to Urban Dictionary, this term has been around since 2009), but because a woman’s body has become the focal point in today’s society. And, following the popularity of the “thigh gap” and “skinny arm,” it was only a matter of time until scrutinizing a new appendage became all the rage.

When I first heard about the “bikini bridge,” I rolled my eyes and laughed (which perhaps was what 4chan was hoping for when they dubbed their propaganda a “hoax").

And then I continued about my merry day, writing some articles and googling pictures of celebrity mug shots. And that was it. Zero f*cks given about yet another ridiculous body standard. Because, as an only partially-insecure woman, I care more about my nail beds totally sucking (hats off to Gretchen Weiners for that one).

The kind of physique referenced here would never be in my realm and it’s not because I don’t care to starve myself. If I hated myself that much and really wanted to perpetuate this ridiculous trend, I suppose I could lie down on my back, angle my body just so, and super-suck-it-in while quickly snapping the photo.

Frankly, unless you were born with naturally protruding hip bones and/or missing ovaries, there’s no way that sunken image of the bikini bridge is even remotely attractive.

The point is that the whole notion of the bikini bridge is absolutely moronic. Just like how the original mention was (supposed to be) a hoax -- the bikini bridge itself is not real.

You mean to say that somewhere between where I’m supposed to carry babies and where I digest my nutrients, I’m also supposed to have a concavity that is indicative of my fitness?! I hope everyone realizes how ludicrous it is that an absence of an abdomen is supposed to mean that we’re toned.

Some women have space between their thighs. Some women have space between their stomachs and bikinis. But the space that matters is the one in your heart.

From someone who makes her living writing for the Internet, don’t listen to everything you read on the Internet! (With the exception of any compelling literature from yours truly). If the whole idea of the bikini bridge was meant to be funny, then let’s all just laugh it off and move on.

And most importantly, Elite Daily apologizes for offending readers in our coverage of this news yesterday. There was a space inside our skulls.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr