Kate Moss For Kérastase

There’s a reason why Kate Moss is the most sought after model in the world; she’s a hard worker. The model just added a second big money campaign with another luxury beauty company: Kérastase.

Kate Moss will be fronting the ads for the luxury hair company Kérastase’s debut styling line, Couture Styling. The hair care brand, which is owned by parent company L’Oreal, will launch the first of its products, a beach spray called Spray a Porter, in salons this June, with eight more rolling out by late July and an additional two in October.

This campaign will be launching sometime this August. Vice President of Kérastase’s marketing division, Julien Bouzitat, explained why the company chose Moss to be their campaign girl:

“Kate is kind of a chameleon woman in that she [can sport] casual, cool beachy waves or a sophisticated full-on blowout. We think she’s going to be appealing to a lot of women.”

Moss followed up in an email by saying:

“I am happy with the images [of the campaign]—I like the way my hair is styled—all completely different styles from one another, but all representative of my unique style.”

This is Moss’s first hair styling campaign, but the girl is a natural. Seriously, is there anything she can’t do?

My favorite image from the shoot:

Photo Credit: Getty Images