Hot Weather Skin Care Swaps

When the weather changes, your body reacts. What was an helpful beauty procedure in February is no longer appropriate for the upcoming 80-degree weather. Your skin reacts differently to the air depending on the different weather, so it may be time for you to swap out your current beauty products for something else.

For example, in cold weather months, your skin (generally) gets extremely dry and tight. Because of this, we load on the rich and heavy body lotions. During the warm summer months, the air is already filled with moisture, which in turn moisturizes your skin.

For your body, try a dry oil during the summer months instead of creams. Oil not only hydrates your skin just as well as body lotions, but it actually helps your skin glow and glisten, which is a coveted summer skin trait. Try purchasing a body oil infused with cocoa butter (a personal favorite of mine) for an added element of soothing-scent.

Your face requires a separate line of thinking. Instead of thick face creams, try a moisturizing serum. High temperatures and extreme humidity prompt excessively sweaty skin. Moisturizing your face with something lighter than a face cream would help keep your face feeling fresh. A hydrating serum would much better suit the skin on your face during the summer months, as only a few drops will completely moisturize your face. Choose an oil-free serum to take the extra shine away.

Paying attention to your skin is important in the shower as well. Instead of a creamy and moisturizing cleanser, try gel cleansers during the summer months. Milky cleansers are normally formulated with humectants that help bind water and moisture into the skin. This is more necessary in colder months when moisture is scarce. When it’s warm out, moisture is everywhere. A lightweight foam or gel is gentle, nondrying and simultaneously frees your skin from dirt, oil and makeup.

Photo Credit: Getty Images