Harvard Women's Rugby Team Strips Down To Send A Very Powerful Message (Photos)


Today's uplifting body image news comes straight from Harvard University, where the women's rugby team stripped down to teach us all a lesson in acceptance.

In a photo project called "Rugged Grace," the Harvard Women's Rugby Team members wear nothing but grey sports bras and shorts.

Across random body parts are inspirational words and compliments scribbled in black marker — after taking off their clothes, teammates took to one another to remark what they appreciated about their fellow athletes.

And, unsurprisingly, the comments that came out of this activity aren't superficial, like "nice abs" and "good butt," but the more meaningful, such as "so strong," "humble" and "big heart."

Not only are the ensuing images a true mark of camaraderie, but they teach us that body appreciation and happiness doesn't have to be obvious or even come from our physical being; sometimes, the way we make others feel is much more important, and reflects positively back onto us.

On the Rugged Grace Tumblr site, the women write their impetus for starting this project:

We decided to have players write their favorite things about other players physically on their bodies to demonstrate the immense body positivity, encouragement of strength and utility, and the overall supportive nature of this team. Rugby is so much about physically throwing your body on the line for your teammates during games and training, and that intense appreciation, love, trust, and support for each other is what we wanted to reflect. The sport necessitates a strength that we find beautiful and powerful.

These images make such a positive impact on how women should be looking and evaluating their own bodies.

via Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr