Three Hairstyles On Trend For Fall 2013

Yes, New York Fashion Week is essential for determining which trends we should be investing in for each upcoming season. However, why should we ignore the beauty trends?

Designers take styling very seriously, and know that when choosing which hairstyles will be walking down the runways that they’re forecasting what will look good come the next upcoming season.

None of these hair trends are necessarily new, but they are certainly ones that we should consider incorporating into our daily routines.

First up, the wrapped ponytail. The ponytail in itself is one of the most classic and iconic hair trends known to woman (even men sometimes…) In the past few years, the ponytail has gotten a slight upgrade, by wrapping a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail.

Michael Kors updated this look even further by wrapping his models’ ponytails in a metallic tape. Definitely something to consider.

Next, the messy updo. This is my personal go-to style when I only have mere minutes to create my look of the day. Tying a quick and thoughtless tight bun at the nape of our neck with pieces hanging loose looks good on everyone.

Finally, the Kate Moss/Karlie Kloss bob. It. Was. Everywhere.

Will you be incorporating more of these styles into your hair repertoire?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images