Eliminate Static For Good

Static is the bane of my existence. My hair is particularly prone to static, and there’s nothing I abhor more than my hair sticking up at all ends. Sometimes I can tame it, and other times I’m out of luck.

What causes this static electricity? Essentially, dry conditions, especially when the weather is like how it’s currently been. Another cause, two different materials coming in contact with each other to create an exchange of electrons. When opposites attract, static appears.

For those of you who aren’t interested in a science lesson, your various different clothing items of different textiles meeting create your static problem. Your clothes may stick to your body, but the static usually travels up to your hair, and causes a great big pain in the ass.

Since your clothes are the main root of the problem, be sure to throw a dryer sheet into your dryer while doing your laundry. Dryer sheets not only make your clothes smell fresh, but they are laced with chemicals and a slightly tacky texture that will spread out and coat your clothing with a kind of static-preventing shield.

If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to stop the static throughout the day. First off, invest in a bottle of Static Guard. This product is literally a lifesaver. A travel-sized bottle in your bag can stop the most severe static with just one spritz.

If you don’t have any static guard products on you, water can do the trick. Wetting your hands and lightly running them over your garments desensitizes the static electricity.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images