Dove's New Ad Campaign Tells Women To Love Their Armpits (Video)

In the latest "Love Your INSERT BODY PART" campaign, Dove is taking armpit appreciation just a little too far. Sure, we're proud of our pit holes, but do we really need to make them our best friends?

It's no coincidence that Dove also makes deodorant. How can you show your armpits the love they deserve? By making them smell sweeter than roses, duh!

Dove's "Open Letter to the Armpit" video advertisement reads like something out of crazy person's diary.

“You can be a softer, smoother, more beautiful little armpit — you deserve our best care ever, and don’t you ever forget that.”

Uh, are we watching a deodorant ad or a Sarah McLachlan pet shelter commercial?

We're not in love with or against our armpits, we just don't want them to smell bad. Since when was there a call to arms, literally?

Dove completely misses the point with its new commercial. We're all for body acceptance, but how does "cherishing" our armpits make us more beautiful? It feels like a pit of a stretch.

But our pits will always be good for one thing: comparing them to the state of New Jersey.

H/T: Time, Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook