Baby Got Blonde: In Defense of Kim Kardashian's Platinum Hair Upgrade

Not a single day passes when we don't see Kim Kardashian's face at least once.

Paparazzi shots capture her rushing out of hotels and climbing into luxury private jets, while celebrity media outlets obsessively report on each designer piece she wears.

But yesterday, Kim somehow managed to shock us, proving the woman who's publicly appeared fully nude more than a handful of times still has a few tricks up her Alaïa-clad sleeves.

Just hours after arriving in France for Paris Fashion Week, the 34-year-old celebrity debuted platinum locks in place of her rich brown hue.

Needless to say, it wasn't a look anyone saw coming.

We've come a long way since the days of Kim's sex tape and, similarly, we couldn't be further from the smokey-eyed, bedazzled brunette Kim once was. Now, she's "Blonde at Balmain," which really should be Kanye's next album name.

While media outlets were quick to label the change bizarre and point out she'd failed to dye her eyebrows (which was probably done on purpose, and not some gross oversight), it's evident the platinum hair indicates a new stage in Kim's career, echoing the multifaceted approach she's taken to creating a brand and a legacy.

Not convinced yet? Read on.

Kanye's muse

Kim's husband, Kanye, is pretty open about having a hand in everything Kim wears, even taking credit for elevating her style. She's gone from glitzy to chic, thanks largely to West's fashion choices.

But with the arrival of Kanye's line for Adidas Originals and his new album, Kim has had to evolve as well. Taking a page straight from Kanye's legacy, she's decided to go platinum.

Techy trendsetter

Kim has always been skilled at spotting trends, so it's no wonder her app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has made at least $85 million in sales since its debut last June.

Kim has since appeared at October's Code/Mobile conference and on the March cover of AdWeek, ushering in an era of stylish tech influence.

Even pop star Katy Perry will be following in her pixelated footsteps, creating her own version of Kim's character-based game.

Kim's hair marks the evolution from celebutante to influencer. Steve Jobs had white sneakers; Kim has a white-blonde bob.

Golden child

2014 was the year of Kim's younger stepsisters, 19-year-old model Kendall Jenner and Instagram celeb Kylie, 17. As Kim nears 35, she's starting to worry about getting lost in the mix.

Famously (and charmingly) the family diva, Kim surely can't let her family forget who got them there.

With a few coats of bleach, she's suddenly in the spotlight once more.