What Country Claims The Most Nose Jobs Per Year?

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common amongst women. Would you think that America is the country with the highest rate of nose jobs per year? Think again.

In Iran, women pay, on average, four to eight times their monthly salary for cosmetic surgery, and are getting seven times as many nose jobs per capita than we are in the United States.

Girls as young as 14 are getting surgical procedures done in hopes of looking more "westernized." Each year, as many as 2000,000 women (and men) ask cosmetic surgeons to make their noses smaller and to shift upwards. Iran currently has the highest rate of nose job surgery.

What’s even more shocking is the financial aspect. On average, Iranians make around $360 a month, and a nose job in Iran can cost anywhere from $1,400 and $2,865. Women are sacrificing in other aspects of their lives just to have a smaller nose.

How does this make you feel? Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images