Clean Your Heat Styling Tools


A lot of us skimp on certain aspects of care of our beauty regimen that are completely essential. For example, cleaning your heat styling tools. I’ll admit it, I never clean my heat styling tools, and that could be a bit of a problem.

“Your heat-styling tools accumulate product build-up with repeated use,” says editorial hairstylist Adam Markarian. “Heat causes residual product to transfer from your strands to the tools, and over time product accumulation definitely starts to affect the performance and longevity of your curlers and flatirons. Plus, you could start transferring old product back onto your hair, which is never a good thing!”

So how often should you be cleaning your products? If you use your heat styling tools everyday, you should be cleaning them once a week. If you use them two or three times a week, once or twice a month is good enough.

How should you be cleaning your heat styling tools? Wipe down your tools with alcohol pads, or try white vinegar. Keep your white vinegar in a spray bottle, and mist it directly on the tool from 6 to 8 inches away, then wipe the tools down with a cleaning rag.

White vinegar has antibacterial benefits, which is great for eliminating bacteria and germs from your styling tools. Also, clean your styling tools while they’re warm or luke warm to ensure that the product build-up comes off quickly and easily.

Happy cleaning!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images