Celebrity Stylist Reveals The 'Rule' Behind Having Long Or Short Hair

by Emily Arata

Deciding to cut your hair into a bob can feel like a decision on par with changing your career path or taking on a juice cleanse.

On one hand, it takes years for your hair to accumulate any real length. On the other, who wants to go through summer with a sweaty neck?

As it turns out, there might be an easy way out of your endless mental pro-con lists.

Giles Robinson, a senior stylist at John Frieda Salons UK, recommends an easy measurement as the deciding factor in chopping off your locks.

Daily Mail reports the technique, reportedly created by John Frieda, asks women to hold a pencil or straightedge horizontally under their chins.

Then, the ruler is placed directly under the earlobe, running perpendicular to the pencil.

If the pencil meets the ruler anywhere 2.25 inches or under, Robinson believes you're best suited for short hair. For women who measure over 2.25 inches, however, long hair may be more flattering.

Or you could just cut your hair to whatever length you'd like. It'll grow back.

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