What Is CC Cream?

It seems like every time a new product comes out, and we all get used to it, another comes in to one-up it. I was just getting used to the idea of BB cream, but now, CC cream seems to be pushing it’s way into the spotlight.

CC Cream, also known as Color Control Cream, is a new and improved blemish balm cream (BB) or Beauty Balm, developed overseas in Korea.

BB Cream was created as a skincare product, and CC cream was made to help retain all of the skincare benefits of BB cream, with a few added aspects.

CC cream is meant to provide nourishing ingredients and to provide more effective skin coverage. Benefits of CC cream include high SPF ratings, treatment and coverage of uneven skin tones, a lighter texture, which allows for a smoother application with a less oily finish, and noticeable skin nourishment.

We’ll investigate the CC cream products a bit more and let you know which ones you should try.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images