When Perfume Isn't Enough: You Can Now Purchase Stockings Laced With Pheromones

What the hell is the world coming to that women are now opting for pheromone-laced pantyhose to seduce men? Since when is a woman's brain and natural beauty not sufficient enough to elicit male attention and attraction?

These laced stockings are brought to us by the Hush Hush range by hosiery firm Ballerina. The pheromones are supposed to communicate a subconscious signal to members of the opposite sex.

While people's natural pheromones are produced in our sweat glands, these are a clear synthetic replication.

I can't even help but have a million questions about this. Is this actually something women will purchase? Are you serious? Won't taking five to 10 tequila shots lead you to get the same results these stockings are hoping to achieve?

Wouldn't it be more effective for a man to wear something to this effect? Isn't it easier to seduce a man than a woman?

Until Spanx comes out with a line of these stockings, I will not be purchasing them.

via Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It