Baby Got Back: Butt Implant Operations Increased By 98 Percent In 2014

Chalk it up to "Anaconda," Kim K's infamous Paper magazine shoot and Vogue's "Era of the Big Booty" article: 2014 saw a 98 percent rise in implants to the derrière.

On Thursday, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its annual report -- compiled from 953 surgical groups -- totaling body modification procedures and trends for the year.

Even though surgeons performed the ever-popular breast augmentation only one percent less in 2014 than the year before, butt-based procedures are truly becoming a rival.

It wasn't only implants, either. The ASPS reports a 15 percent rise in fat-graft booty augmentations while the famed butt lift saw a boost of 44 percent. And there's been a 158 percent increase in butt lifts since the year 2000.

Scot Glasberg, ASPS president, told the Washington Post the increase in procedures is almost certainly due to celebrity influence. He said,

The media effect, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, are having a phenomenal effect on what patients want, what they are coming in and asking for.

Keep in mind, however, it's all relative to trends that have been in style longer, like liposuction.

Out of the roughly 1,678,000 procedures performed in 2014, butt enhancements only made up a scant 16,873.

But, that's really no surprise because procedures can reportedly cost upward of $7,o00.

Baby got back, well, more accurately, baby purchased back.

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