Fitness Trainer 'Photoshops' Away Body Imperfections In Emotional Video


Cassey Ho might be the bubbly face of fitness brand Blogilates, but she's also a woman.

Ho's quick exercise videos usually focus on positivity, but a surprising new clip from her delves into the problematic world of body image and the Internet.

Standing in front of a mirror, Ho scrolls negative comments from social media criticizing her stomach and hips.

With the help of a sci-fi-like computer program, Ho digitally whittles away at her body until she's made the perfect shape.

But, as the illusion of the "perfect" shape is reflected, Ho looks unhappy with the changes.

In hopes of altering the negative dialogue and beginning a frank conversation about the endless quest for perfection, Ho asks her fans if drastically shaping their bodies will really bring them the happiness they seek.

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