BirchBox And The Future Of Make-Up


Every woman knows that makeup is sacred. Men will never understand why women drop sixty dollars on foundation any more than why women go to the bathroom together. But we women understand that makeup is something special, and though we can't very well explain why we love it so much, it will always be something we find joy in.

Remember when you were four and you snuck into your mom's bathroom and tried on her lipstick? Remember that feeling of pure bliss that spread over you?  Well, that feeling never went away. How many times have you prowled the aisles of Sephora, knowing that you can't spend any money, swearing to yourself that you will just look around, only to leave with at least one new mascara?

It's irresistible. It's the pursuit of that perfect lipstick or blush that's going to define you. Finding the perfect foundation is like finding a mate, it can take years. As we get older, we realize that make-up is a lot more than just lipstick and mascara. It's an expensive necessity just like your hair stylist or eyebrow technician that must be chosen with the utmost care to maximize your individual beauty.

As we get older and more sophisticated, we realize that certain makeup just does not fit our face. You may have oily skin and be prone to powder set foundation. You may have dry skin and need a liquid moisturizer. And let's not forget about all the products that have become just as important make-up: the primers and exfoliates.

Suddenly, we're drawn to all the creams, serums and masks that are supposed to make our skin so flawless we will never need makeup again.

But how do you know what to buy? How do you even know where to begin? It's a big world out there with millions and millions of products. The search could be endless. Alas, someone has come up with the solution: Birchbox. It's the future of everything we ever knew about makeup and it's beautiful.

The search is over. Birchbox offers the ideal system to finding the perfect makeup for your skin. It's a monthly package that arrives at your doorstep filled with products specifically designed for your needs and wants. Birchbox helps you find products that you'll love with a personalized shop, editors tips and samples to help you decide what's best for you without spending the money. And the best part is, it's only $10 a month!

So stop spending money on makeup that you'll never wear again, and test out the top editors' picks every month until you have the ideal collection.

So stop wasting your money on expensive products that turn out not to work for you and get a box full of the best makeup out there for only $10 a month. There's no better deal out there.

Visit Birchbox and discover how to properly buy makeup.