This Cult-Status $20 Sponge Does More Than Just Apply Foundation

by Emily Arata

There's a single fix for streaky foundation lines, dry skin and overdone blush. It's squishy, pink, kind of looks like a pocket vibrator and costs $20 -- it's also just a sponge.

Since its creation in 2003, the conical cosmetic sponge named Beautyblender has been the weapon of choice in the beauty community. The tool, designed by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, aids in seamless makeup application thanks to its acorn shape, lack of sides and unique formulation. Even today, it earns nearly universal five-star reviews.

Many use the expensive tool to apply foundation, but it's so much more than a one-trick pony. After soaking the sponge and squeezing it until barely damp (this step is key!), scroll down for high-level hacks that'll make the Beautyblender the most valuable tool in your arsenal.

Layer on moisturizer without ever touching your face.

A tip provided by Beautyblender's very own channel has fans thinking of the spongy tool in an entirely new light: It's not just for makeup, but skincare as well.

Whether you're using a light serum or a priming moisturizer, try applying it with a damp Beautyblender. Instead of uneven coverage, the product will fill in pores and start your beauty routine off with a smooth canvas.

Save flaky, dry skin.

Beauty devotees know the only thing that's tougher on skin than exfoliant is the constant application of heavy makeup. Brushes, sponges and new products can leave facial skin peeling and dry around the nose and lips.

Traditional brushes layer product over dry areas, resulting in a not-so-great pancake face that's flattering to no one. MonsiieurAlex recommends using Beautyblender's finely pointed tip to pat the product into the corners of your nose without irritating the skin any further.

Avoid unwanted foundation lines.

Full-coverage foundation can feel tedious to apply because it weighs on the skin and spreads unevenly. YouTube beauty experts recommend Beautyblender as a way to avoid the mess and ensure light overall coverage.

To take advantage of the tool's round surface, CoffeeBreakwithDani advocates using Beautyblender to lightly smooth foundation across the whole face before stippling the product into skin.

Contour like a professional.

Blame the Kardashians for the popularization of contouring, a cosmetic technique that proves there are temporary fixes more challenging than plastic surgery.

YouTube's Kandee Johnson recommends using the Beautyblender to smooth out lines between the light and dark portions of the face, beginning by evenly blending highlighted areas into the bronzer surrounding them.

Apply blush without looking like a clown.

If you're scared of accidentally looking more “It” than “It Girl” when trying out a bright pop of color, rely on the Beautyblender for its crisis-neutralizing powers.

Because the tool excels at thinning out product, it's the ideal choice for remedying a thick application of rosy pink powder. Using the Beautyblender on the problem area, the color will fade to an even subtle wash, a tip provided by BodyInZone.

Reshape trouble areas with Beautyblender's

The most enjoyable part of makeup application is the chance to highlight your favorite areas -- think: eyes and eyebrows -- while disguising the nose you dislike so much.

Huda Kattan stands by Beautyblender's oft-forgotten younger sibling, the smaller-sized, for precise contouring. Its tiny point is perfect for the area around the nostrils, as well as applying a thin line of highlighter to the bridge of the nose.

While you're at it, fix those eyebrows.

There are enough crises in the average day without adding "makeup stuck in eyebrow hairs" to the list. This tip from Morgan Joyce will end those days immediately.

Instead of over-applying to even out every spot around the brows, let your foundation fade out a centimeter or so from the brows. Then, use the to blend precisely around the brows.

Powder the perfect amount.

Overdoing the loose powder is a condition that affects us all, making our friends wonder what exactly went on in the bathroom.

Instead of using a packaged puff or brush, add the powder to the round end of your Beautyblender and apply to set your makeup.