Why You Should Be Using BB Cream


We’ve talked about BB Creams here at Elite Daily before. Since the moisturizer meets skin perfector hit the market, I’ve been a fan. I love BB Cream, but many women out there are still unaware to its benefits.

Beauty Balm, or BB cream is essentially your skincare regimen in one tube. BB cream moisturizes, protects and corrects your skin, and eliminates your need for foundation.

A lot of BB creams are categorized according to your skin type, rather than your color tones. It’s best to wear the cream that tailors to your skin condition rather than tone, because most BB creams blend into a wide range of skin tones.

A tinted moisturizer only hydrates and evens out your complexion with minimal coverage. Foundation covers the skin with a layer of color and gives it a flawless finish. BB creams do all of that, along with moisturizing, protecting and correcting your flaws, without the heavy feeling of a foundation.

Not only that, but BB cream helps to improve your complexion after 2-3 weeks of use. Your skin will become noticeably smoother and clearer.

Evened out skin tone, anti-aging benefits, protected skin from UV sunlight all packed into a lightweight formula? Why wouldn’t you use this product?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images