Balmain Biker Miami Jacket

Balmain is famous for its exquisite leather jackets often decorated with chains, gems, multiple zippers and sequins; all hand-sewn piece by piece and starting from $5 K. Ever wondered where Michael Jackson had his famous, glitzy army jackets from? Well, if you don’t know, now you know.

The fashion house’s previous designer Christopher Decarnin who set the trend with bleached jeans, ripped t-shirts and shoulder-padded jackets, was celebrated by the whole fashion world before recently checking-in at a mental asylum for depression/stress.

Awaiting his return, the new head designer, French-born Oliver Rousteing is taking us to Miami this year, and has added a girly, beachy style in pastel colors to the house of Balmain. Therefore, there is probably not a more fabulous jacket than the BIKER MIAMI to wear this spring.

Day: We are loving the effect the bright pink has together with a pair of white mini-shorts, a white tee and layers of silver chains. Tone down the look with a pair of black ballerinas as you’re walking on sunshine through Ocean drive, being the most fabulous customer in sight. Add a Chanel 2.55 bag or a simple, black clutch.

Night: For the ultra-glam outfit, spin heads wearing a glittery, gold mini-dress under all that pink. With the newly achieved tan, gold and pink; Helloo? Not even Marilyn could have pulled off a better look. Beige sling-backs and a beige clutch. Don’t forget to check the jacket, as there’ll be loads of jealous bitches lining up trying to get a hold of that expensive leather.

The Biker Miami comes in 100% genuine calfskin, with double-zipper closing and a bright pink that will create a buzz from Spring Street up to 5th.

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Anna Madsen | Elite.