The 'Bad Reputation' PSA Reminds Women Why It's Crucial To Vote (Video)

Ready to see the coolest political PSA ever?

The Department of Peace -- an “art collective geared toward creating consciousness-raising content and inspiring young people toward political participation and community oriented action” -- teamed up with a score of influential women to produce this video encouraging women to vote in next week’s midterm elections.

In the video, ladies of all ages lip sync to Joan Jett’s classic “Bad Reputation” while facts that are aimed at encouraging female political involvement play on the screen.

In one instance, the text reminds us that “100% of Senate Republicans voted against the paycheck fairness act,” while in another, we’re told “the most regressive anti-equality laws are being passed at the state level,” meaning voting in this upcoming election is important if we want to make changes.

So, ladies, get your butts out there and vote -- we’re the majority, and it’s time to make a difference.

H/T: Time