Difficult, But Worth It: Why Bad Girls Really Have The Biggest Hearts

by Gigi Engle

Being a bad girl is always looked down upon.

As you grew up, parents didn’t want you hanging out with their children, and college professors thought you were too busy getting f*cked up to get your work finished.

Now, as an adult, your parents think you don’t have it together enough to succeed in the real world.

No matter how hard you try, once deemed a “bad girl,” you’re pretty much stuck with that reputation for all eternity.

People often mistakenly equate being a “bad girl” with a trollop or an evil person.

Somehow society has deemed bad girls as terrible individuals, damaged goods because they've gotten themselves “bad” reputations.

A bad girl may have too much fun, refuse to follow the rules and break any and all barriers, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with her.

She’s just a wild person who is free from the world’s suffocating rigidity.

The truth is the bad girl is actually the best among us.

She may be hard to understand, and she definitely doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, but what people fail to realize is while she might put a strong front, she’s really got the biggest heart.

She’s tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.

She puts up a front, but she’s really tender where it counts. While she might seem like a badass, carefree person, on the inside she has a lot of emotions she’s sorting through.

It’s easy to put on a tough front when you’re a bad girl, but underneath it all you’re just a biker cuddling with a bunch of puppies.

She knows what it feels like to get hurt.

She’s given our heart and gotten it broken. She knows the exquisite, gut-wrenching pain that is getting hurt by someone she loves.

She may have hardened on the outside, she may have walls that are hard to break down, but if you can get into her heart, she’ll hold you there forever.

She understands the suffering of others and can relate to them and help them heal.

She’s extremely protective of our own.

A bad girl gets a reputation for defending her friends with every modicum of strength she has.

She might go too far sometimes, but she has good intentions.

When you’re on her team, you better believe she will always be in your corner. She may be a bad bitch, but she is a good friend.

She cares a lot.

She doesn’t give a f*ck about most things. She’s a zero-f*cks-given kind of person, and she loves that about herself.

Then again, the stuff she does care about, she cares about more than anything else in the world.

It’s not that she doesn’t care at all; she is just very selective about the things she puts her time and effort into. She isn’t heartless; she’s calculative.

She self-protects because she has a lot to lose.

She is careful with herself because she has a lot that could be taken away from her.

She has a reputation of being a bad girl; she can’t break down if something goes wrong in her life or someone f*cks her over.

She is fiercely defensive. What she values, she values highly. Therefore, she protects herself from the harsh world around her in order to keep her sacred possessions safe.

Whether emotional, spiritual or material, what belongs to her will always have the strongest of safeguards.

Bad girls aren’t mean girls.

It seems a bad girl is often thought to be synonymous with a mean girl. This just isn’t the case.

She might be a bad bitch, but that doesn’t make her a mean bitch. She doesn’t say or do things just for the sake of hurting others. She isn’t about that life.

She’s way too busy kicking ass and taking names to feel the need to emotionally destroy those around her.

She’d much rather spend her time building people up than tearing people down.

She’ll be friends with the underdogs and outcasts.

If there is one thing a bad girl knows about it is compassion. She knows what it’s like to not fit in anywhere, to never feel like she belongs.

She has no problem befriending all of society’s outcasts.

She knows people may look down on her for associating with the drug addict or the weird kids, but she doesn’t care.

She knows those people need a friend as much as anyone else.

She’s a bad bitch; she isn’t about to refuse friendship with someone just because she’s told she shouldn’t be with that person.

She isn’t afraid of anything.

A bad girl is fearless. Whether it is love, passion or adventure, she is open to everything.

Her heart may be strong and coated in steel, but it is the most receptive to the new and unique.

We end up inside of our own, self-constructed shells because we’re so insanely afraid of everything.

Not the bad girl. She would rather end up with bruises and scratches than miss out on the experience.

She puts herself at risk before anyone else.

She’s the person at the club who would take the pill first, before her friends, to make sure it was okay. In life, she’s the same way.

She would take the risk first, try something new first, do something dangerous first before she would encourage or allow anyone she loves to do the same.

She won’t let anyone get hurt if she can't take on that hurt herself.

She knows what it means to love completely.

She adores passion. She lives for it. More importantly, she doesn’t half-ass anything.

A bad girl may seem hard, but when she falls in love, she does so with 100 percent of her mind, body and soul.

Where others might be afraid of getting hurt, she isn’t because she’s already damaged. She knows it is so much more fulfilling to give into love than it is to run away from it.