Artist Knits Herself A Boyfriend To Shatter The Taboos Surrounding Loneliness (Photos)

Loneliness hit new levels for one artist, inspiring her to turn her man-devoid life into her newest art project: a boyfriend, knit by hand.

Noortje de Keijzer's My Knitted Boyfriend project is a "cushion to kiss."

In reality, though, it's just a comfy companion to keep at home and bring out in the moments when you need a shoulder to lean on, but an oversized stuffed toy will have to suffice.

De Keijzer said she originally came up with the idea to create a knitted boyfriend for the mundane moments when loneliness crept in, and she just wanted someone (or something) around.

"This is why I came up with 'My Knitted Boyfriend.' He's around at home in the ordinary moments of your day-to-day life."

In showing the silliness behind using a toy as a substitute, De Keijzer also said she hopes to get people talking more about feeling lonely, which so many women are unwilling to admit.

"I hope my project brings a bit of recognition, and awareness that everybody feels lonely from time to time. That it is totally fine to talk about it or even laugh about it! I tried to make a very humorous project about this serious subject. I believe that laughing about a negative feeling is already the beginning of a more positive and happy feeling. And when you feel positive and happy with yourself, the right person will come along!"

Watch below to see how De Keijzer spends her time with her synthetically-manufactured male companion, from playing footsie to cuddling up during TV-watching time.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Noortje de Keijzer