This Hollywood Actress Says She's Never Relied On Her Looks For Her Success

The obviously beautiful Anna Kendrick revealed in an honest interview in Glamour's August 2014 issue that her appearance has never been her "moneymaker."

Kendrick, 28, says she never relies on her looks for her career:

I’m fine being small. I’m fine being all the things I am. And I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the '50 Most Beautiful' list all the time, because that would be super f*cking stressful.

This isn't the first time the "Pitch Perfect" star has emphasized her nonchalant attitude towards her appearance.

In Elle's July issue, Kendrick said she's never "traded" on her looks, feeling "lucky that [she's] never had a crisis about whether the only reason I’m successful is because I’m crazy hot. It’s not something that crosses my mind.”

So, if she doesn't stress about wondering if her fame comes from being hot, what is her biggest celebrity struggle?

Sometimes I just want to wear the same outfit for three days in a row. And I kind of can’t.

Same. But I totally can.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Credit: WENN