Amy Schumer Just Released Her Naked EW Cover Without Photoshop

In her never-ending quest to be the best friend we all wish we had, comedian Amy Schumer briefly shared her unedited nude body on Instagram.

The 33-year-old actress is featured on the high-profile cover of Entertainment Weekly as she ramps up her press appearances to promote her hosting gig at April 12's MTV Music Awards and April 21's third-season premiere of “Inside Amy Schumer."

In celebration of the profile, which was released earlier today, Schumer posted the cover image to her Instagram. In the picture, the made-up blonde's naked body is covered by single-serving minibar bottles.

But minutes later, Schumer took an unconventional step and released a second image from the EW shoot. This one was totally unedited, tan nipple pasties and all.

Unfortunately, its life on social media lasted only minutes, and it was soon removed.

Props to Schumer for being so honest with her fans, especially since weight and body image are subjects she often pokes fun at on her show.

Never change, Schumer. Even glamour shots don't do you justice.

Schumer first uploaded her glam shot.

Her next post read, "Here it is without airbrushing." It was removed minutes later.

[caption id="attachment_988181" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Instagram[/caption]

Around the same time the photo disappeared, Schumer tweeted a thanks to Entertainment Weekly for not Photoshopping her.

I want to especially thank @EW for not airbrushing me. For real very cool. Thank you. Proud size 6 yo! — Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) April 2, 2015

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