Amber Rose Says Julianne Hough Body-Shamed Her Booty On 'DWTS'


In showbiz, there's always some kind of drama.

Take model and SlutWalk founder Amber Rose, who's speaking out against "Dancing With The Stars" judge Julianne Hough for alleged body-shaming.

Hough, on the other hand, says she's been framed by bad audio editing.

The trouble started with a choreographed salsa routine Rose and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed to Jennifer Lopez's hit "Booty." The moves were half-salsa, half-twerking, and Hough appeared to be appalled.

After Chmerkovskiy dipped Rose, the camera cut to Hough at the judges' table.

In a whisper, she mentioned feeling "uncomfortable."

Dancing With The Stars on YouTube

On her talk show "Loveline," Rose addressed the moment.

She said,

Hough has since clarified that the audio in question was part of a produced media package, meaning her voice was edited over pre-existing footage instead of being recorded at the moment of the dip.

She chalks up the comment to a dance routine that she didn't feel had much chemistry.

Hough added,

But for Rose, the whole incident has been a chance to talk about the way reality television manipulates its participants.

She told listeners,

Chmerkovskiy, for his part, wrote that Rose "killed it" in their routine.

Here's hoping Hough has a word with her producer about the show's editing technique. Although, why even watch TV if there's no drama?

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