Amanda Seyfried Lands New Givenchy Campaign

Amanda Seyfried has been a hot topic this past year. What with being nominated for Oscars, and just being, you know, hot, everyone can’t get enough of the 27-year-old actress. Which is why I’m surprised that it took so long for the beauty to land a high fashion campaign. Seyfried has just landed her very first. Her job? Oh, just simply replacing Liv Tyler as the face of Givenchy’s Very Irresistible Campaign. No pressure.

Seyfried is clearly a fan of Givenchy. The actress was seen wearing the label to several high-profile red carpet events, in addition to attending Givenchy’s fall 2013 show in March. What’s even better than that? When approached by the label to work on the campaign, Seyfried reportedly responded by saying, “Fuck yeah.” Honestly, who doesn’t love this girl?

“It’s an honest collaboration,” she told WWD. “I’m proud to be a part of [the brands I’m involved with] because what they do is really cool, especially Givenchy–they’re so artistic. And I feel like I have a foot in the fashion industry now.”

The campaign, which has just finished shooting, will include both print and TV advertisements, shot by Glen Luchford and Cedric Klapisch, respectively.  The ads are set to hit sometime this October, so unfortunately, for all of Seyfried’s fans, we have some waiting to do.

There’s no question that the photographs will be beautiful. Seyfried has the most covetable pearly white skin and piercing blue eyes. She’s a blonde Snow White if I’ve ever seen one (take notes K.Stew), and her ads will be guaranteed to boost sales for Givenchy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images