Amanda Seyfried Loves A New Kind Of Dry Shampoo You Def Haven't Tried Yet

by Emily Arata

When I was a middle school, I woke up one morning to discover I'd started sweating uncontrollably.

Almost overnight, my normal preteen life was turned upside down by hormones, and in the tradition of 13-year-olds everywhere, I panicked.

Gone were the drugstore deodorants, replaced by the kind that very seriously read "clinical strength." In my desperation, I forced my mom to pick up an oversized, Pepto-Bismol-pink bottle of baby powder. I'd heard it was good for drying up the Niagara Falls happening under each of my armpits.

Within months, I'd gotten my newly rambunctious sweat glands under control. But, that bottle of baby powder sat under the sink for years. That is, until I learned about the importance of using it just at the roots of my hair to soak up excess oil.

All of this is a very roundabout (and humiliating) way of telling you that I was secretly a genius ahead of my time.

In interviews, actress Amanda Seyfried always reveals she's a huge fan of dry shampoo powder.

Yes, powder. Are your minds blown yet?

The fact is, there are several advantages to shaking out powder over your scalp like you're salting an oversized ham.

First, you're skipping the aerosol can that's probably not great for the environment. You're also placing an emphasis on application, rather than just shooting a stream of talc at your head and wondering why it didn't work.

Seyfried stands by Lulu Organics' talc-free Hair Powder ($30), packaged in an old-fashioned tube and scented with patchouli and amber. This particular formula goes straight on your hands, where you'll disperse it evenly through the roots of the hair with your fingers.

Interested in getting powdery? Lulu Organics is only one of several brands reinventing that plain Jane dry shampoo.

Try some of these to shake up your routine:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo, $24

Captain Blankenship

Why buy? Well, you definitely have always wanted to steal a mermaid's hair, and this is the way to do it. The powder formula is talc-free just like Lulu Organics', but the scent falls between a rose garden and a beach.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It, $17


Why buy? This mattifying pick is perfect for second-day ponytails and buns with texture. Plus, the instructions say to "apply like salt and pepper" to upside down hair. I always like a product with a sense of humor.

Davines This Is A Texturizing Dust, $29


Why buy? Have you ever wanted the hair of a toddler pageant contestant? This is the way to get it. Just the tiniest sprinkle will have you wondering why you ever purchased a Bumpit in high school.

Ouai Dry Shampoo, $24


Why buy? Sure, this is closer to a traditional dry shampoo than a powder might be. Still, the fragrance is so good that I'd basically bathe in it if I could, and it'll give you texture that holds for days.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast, $29

Living Proof

Why buy? This spray is legitimately the closest thing I've seen to washing your hair without ever washing your hair. After a shake and a spritz, my sweaty gym hair is office-ready. That's my highest compliment.