New Ways To Find Fitness Classes

It could be overwhelming to find a gym that’s perfect and convenient for your particular needs. Everyone’s needs are different from the next person, which can make finding your perfect fitness class a bit difficult.

Thanks to technology, finding your perfect fitness niche is becoming easier and easier, especially with these three different services:

Classivity is an online directory containing class listings throughout your city. This service is not solely limited to fitness classes; you can even find photography classes, cooking or martial arts class. You need it; they can find it for you. Another perk of this service: for $40 you can book 10 classes that normally retail for $20 to $30 a piece.

FitMapped is a new app for iOS that is currently only available in NYC and LA. FitMapped uses your phone’s GPS to find gym and studio classes filtered by location, time, activity, price and membership type. You can even book your class right through the app, and rate and review the class afterward.

Finally, Gravy is an interesting name for a fitness app, but it aggregates a variety of events focused around active lifestyles, music, arts and crafts, etc. Available on iPhones and Androids, this app will allow you to not only find fitness classes, but also maybe a pottery class to wind down from afterwards.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images