Why You Should Maintain A Balanced Diet


You’ve heard it plenty of times before. Eat a well balanced diet and you’re set. Now, there’s even more proof to that age-old mantra.

According to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, people who eat a large variety of foods (which is an indicator of an overall healthy diet), have the healthiest sleep patterns, because certain nutrients and food may affect our sleeping habits.

Researchers compared people’s diets to how long they slept each night and found that people who get too little sleep eat more calories and typically drink less water and ingest less vitamin C/other important nutrients than people who slept a normal seven to eight hours a night.

People who slept too much typically consumed more alcohol than the “normal” sleepers. Both the too little and too much sleep groups had less food variety in their diets.

I think the key to success here is, eat a balanced diet.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images