How Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Mood

Stereotypically (don’t get upset), women are more docile than men. At least that’s how I always saw it, something about testosterone makes a man more aggressive. Not in all instances, but in most, many would assume that a woman would be a bit calmer than a man, especially when the amount of sleep you’re receiving is a factor.

A new study conducted by scientists at Duke University, however, is disproving that assumption of mine. Out of 210 people analyzed, the scientists found that women who didn’t get enough sleep were “more hostile and angry” in the mornings than men who had the same amount of sleep.

Why does this happen? Researchers found that our difference in hormones means that women actually require more sleep than men. In fact, women need more sleep each night in order to keep our “hormones in balance”. They even went as far as to say that women suffer more-“mentally and physically”- if they don’t get enough hours of sleep at night.

In the long term, the study found that women who continually got too little sleep were more likely to develop heart disease, depression and psychological problems than men are.

Will you think twice about going to bed late tonight?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images