The Equation To Happiness (Apparently)

What is it that makes you happy? Can you sometimes find yourself having difficulty finding the happiness that you need to keep yourself going throughout the day?

A new study of subjective well being, which was printed in the Journal of Economic Psychology, has found that if you’re not leading a blissful and happy existence, it may have to do with scheduling your day in a manner that’s not optimized to cater to your own happiness.

Essentially, what the study says is that managing both work and play, in smaller chunks of time, rather than longer stretches, could lead to you leading a happier life. Researchers went so far as to create a chart that lists the activities and time frames of a 16-hour “happiness-optimized” day, as a means of aiding their readers.

The chart may have some valid points. For example, watching TV, shopping, eating and talking on the phone are suggested to be performed in smaller doses (under an hour, while eating is slated at 75 minuets).

Some aspects of the schedule, however, could be inconvenient to certain users lifestyles, such as the meager 48 minutes suggested to be spent on the computer. Another, somewhat ridiculous, request: 106 minutes of sex, combined with 36 minutes of work.

Hmm, maybe this study isn’t as valid as it claims to be…

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images