A Detox Smoothie That Doesn’t Suck

I’m hoping that the winter rut I’m in won’t last any longer, and if you’re anything like me, all you want is to feel refreshed and not so… yucky.

Yes, I used the work yucky. What other word is there to describe this mid-January feeling of blah? I’m most definitely going to try to detox and clean out my system. Now I’d never go on a strict liquid Detox cleanse (that’s just unhealthy), but sometimes it is good to have a cleansing smoothie for lunch just to clean your system out and re-energize yourself, especially if you’re in a rut.

Most detox smoothies are gross, to be blunt. Juicing is great for you, but it doesn’t always taste good. This concoction, on the other hand, is actually delicious, and very good for you.

Try blending spinach, lemongrass and coconut water together for a nutrient-packed and ultra-hydrating formula that will be sure to fill you up, keep you hydrated, and detox your system in a healthy manner.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images