Colleges Are Hosting Sex Weeks

What exactly is a Sex Week? They’ve been highly publicized ever since the University of Tennessee’s Sex Week, and now, U Penn is the next school to have its own publicized sex week.

These schools, however, are not the only two to have such a week. Yale had started its annual sex week in 2002, with Harvard having its first sex week last year. SO, what exactly is a sex week? Basically, it’s a week in which colleges devote time to sexual education.

Take U Penn’s first ever sex week as an example. Classes hosted throughout the week will feature classes like “The Female Orgasm” and “Reclaiming Pleasure.” Don’t forget “The Ins and Outs of Masturbation.” A part of this week is also the Take Back the Night, which is an event dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence against women.

Is this what you had pictured? Should schools be spending time teaching students on how to have an orgasm, or should students be figuring out how to accomplish this feat on their own?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images