The Candy Dilemma Finally Solved: Get Unreal With The Unjunked Candy

Good news for all of you who try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am pretty sure that any diet plan that you follow forbids you to eat sweets, but what about us, who love candy too much, and cannot resist it? Here is the solution: Get Unreal with the Unjunked candy.

Adam Melonas, the Get Unreal candy chef, teamed up with Europe’s top food scientists to recreate America’s biggest selling candies, without the junk. UNREAL candies contain no “junk” found in all of the candies we so much love: no corn syrup, no GMOs, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All of the ingredients are responsibly sourced, supporting farming communities and preventing destruction of the rain forests.

When I first found out about the UNREAL candy, I thought it was going to be very expensive and taste horrible just like lots of organic food does. Not the case!

So now, whenever you decide to indulge into the “candy therapy,” you do not have to hate yourself the day after, and punish yourself on a treadmill. Hey, if our beloved Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen is a fan of UNREAL candy, I know it is something I want to try.

Eva | Elite.