Aloe Vera: Should You Be Drinking It?


Anyone who has ever gotten a bad sunburn in his or her lifetime is familiar with aloe vera. Usually used in gel form, aloe vera is much more versatile than most would think. Not only is the plant beneficial to your outer body, but your inner body as well.

Having aloe vera on hand in your home could be a lot more useful than previously thought. Its outer body uses are not limited to soothing a bad sunburn. Aloe vera can be used to topically treat scars, bruises and burns.

Now let’s talk about its inner body benefits. Aloe Vera is actually available in a liquid and concentrated form. When ingested frequently, aloe vera can help improve digestion and detoxify your body.

Its antioxidant properties can help your body fight against free radicals, internally. Another added benefit? Aloe Vera can help aid those with diabetes and has been proven to lower blood pressure.

Aloe Vera can be taken with a quick shot or made into a shake. Here is a recipe for an aloe strawberry banana shake that would be a great addition to your daily diet:

1 banana

1-½ cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

4 strawberries, quartered

1-cup fresh aloe vera, cubed

½ cup ice

Will you be adding aloe vera to your diet?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images