5 Times When Being A 'Crazy B*tch' Actually Benefits You

by Rochelle Amour

Let's face it: Being called a "crazy bitch" is rarely a compliment.

There is a range of reasons you might acquire that kind of reputation, from being overly emotional on occasion to simply standing up for yourself.

No matter the reason behind your notoriety, you are in a crucially advantageous position if you're known as "that girl" in your circle.

Here are five unsung advantages of being the crazy bitch around town:

The men who are brave enough to date you are more likely to respect you.

Crazy bitches tend to have little tolerance for disrespect and have absolutely no qualms about putting men in their places.

This proves problematic for the disrespectful, sexist type who likes women to be quiet and submissive.

To spare himself the trouble, he will probably stay far away from you.

You are simply not an option for him, and he will probably scorn your crass, unladylike ways.

Be grateful because this pretty much makes you assh*le repellent.

The men you do attract will tend to be ones who admire and respect an opinionated, outspoken woman.

They will probably find you intriguing rather than intimidating.

Therefore, your relationships are likely to be based on mutual respect and admiration, which is always a good start.

You are rarely asked to explain yourself; people just blame the crazy.

Not being asked to explain your actions can be a good and bad thing.

But since I usually resent having to explain the obvious to grown folks, I’m going to say it’s a good thing.

You might completely understand the logic behind your well-thought-out decision to leave your job or cut off that person, but others might attribute your actions to the irrational tendencies all crazy bitches presumably have.

Now, this might give rise to rumor and speculation, but you’re probably no stranger to whispers behind your back.

Instead of stressing over others’ assumptions, relish in the smug satisfaction of knowing you are way more in control of your decisions than anyone else knows.

Also, it’s good to keep your business to yourself.

You put yourself out there.

Crazy bitches tend to give a little more of themselves away than others do when it comes to their feelings, thoughts and opinions.

As a result, part of this persona is the fact you don’t hold back.

If you’re angry, everyone in the room is likely to know. If you’re sad, it may be plenty obvious for a while.

You’re openly honest about who you are, and sometimes, it can be to your disadvantage. But, most times, it’s definitely a good thing.

Other genuine sorts of people are attracted to your sincerity and know for better or worse, they can trust you.

Your openness will even give you an edge when you go on an interview, or when you’re networking.

People can sense you are being yourself and that is always preferred.

Your close friends are just as genuine as you are.

Hypothetically speaking, the woman who threatens her ex-boyfriend during their breakup won't be everybody’s cup of tea.

So, those few souls who genuinely love and connect with her will be in it for the long haul.

It takes a strong, mature person to look past the fierce emotions that come with a typical crazy bitch and accept her for all she is.

It also takes confidence and courage to align yourself with someone so passionate and untethered.

Once there is mutual love and respect, the friendships you form will overwhelm you with loyal kindness and will probably last a lifetime.

You are in touch with who you are.

Being a crazy bitch takes balls. It’s not always easy knowing if you say this or do that, people will judge you, scorn you, pity you or even hate you.

But, you do what you have to do to stay true to yourself.

Sure, like everyone else, you’re still figuring things out, and you are by no means perfect.

But, you are bold enough to test your own boundaries, real enough to put yourself out there and strong enough to cope with the consequences.

In a world full of noise, you raise your voice loud enough to be heard above the crowd.

You push yourself harder than anyone else around you.

Despite your stereotypical label, in the journey to self-discovery and fulfillment, you’re probably in the lead.