8 Foolproof Ways To Get Rid Of The Guy Who Just Won't Give Up

Social media has given men instant access to hit on women with little risk.

BuzzFeed writer Grace Spelman knows this firsthand. She chronicled her attempts to politely reject a man who messaged her first on Twitter, before moving to every other social media platform.

It can be a daunting task to get rid of a man. Here are eight ways to actually get rid of him:

1. Fake Boyfriend

This may be the oldest trick in the book. He should back off when he finds out you have a boyfriend or are “talking” to someone else.

If you run in the same circles, try flirting with someone else to show your disinterest. Or, try posting pictures of you and your attractive gay best friend acting like a couple on social media.

Example: “That joke was so funny. My boyfriend would totally love it!”

2. The Blunt B*tch

No matter how many times you have nicely tried to let him down, he may not read between the lines, or he may just not speak English.

This is when your inner b*tch has to come out. Yes, you have to SPELL out your feelings for him.

Example: “Stop contacting me. I am not and will never be interested in you! Please waste your time on someone besides me. Capeesh?!”

3. Deal Breakers

He may be so persistent because he thinks you are the perfect girl.

Prove him wrong. Do a little digging on his social media to find out his favorite bands or television shows, then hate on them hard.

You will be erased from his memory in no time.

Example: “Ugh, that one song keeps playing on the radio. I f*cking cannot stand that band.”

4. I <3 Chicks

Yes, pretend you are a lesbian. I have used this once or twice.

He clearly can’t compete with your type. If he asks to have a threesome, tell him you have plans to become a nun.

Example: “That’s very sweet of you to ask me out on a date, but I actually only date girls.”

5. Daddy’s Girl

Who wants to incorporate their dads into their dating lives? A woman who wants to scare a man off.

Mentioning your father very early on should scare most men away. Meeting the dad means commitment and/or a long-term future.

I highly doubt creepers are trying to put a ring on it.

Example: “I told my dad about you. He wants to meet you before we hang out.”

6. Ignore, Delete, Block

Try ignoring him. Unfortunately, though, it may take months for him to give up.

If that doesn’t work, delete him from all social media platforms, email and other mediums. If he still finds ways to contact you, it's time to block him from everything and report him on social media sites for harassment.

Example: Ignore him. Press delete. Report and block him.

7. Crazy, Messy Drama Queen

The majority of men do not want to get sucked into drama. Even if you are the most organized, drama-free, chill girl out there, make him believe otherwise.

Unless he is a sugar daddy, he probably doesn’t want to take on a damsel in distress.

Example: “Sorry I haven’t responded right away. I've been dealing with my best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s baby mama. This b*tch hasn’t paid me for some clothes I sold her. I really need the money for all my past due bills so I don’t get transferred to collections. Then I couldn't find my keys because my room is a mess. I can’t even handle life right now. I need tequila.”

8. Pawn Him Off

He may be a quality guy, but not right for you.

You may have girlfriends who would be more compatible with him, so go ahead and play matchmaker. Plan a night out with your friends and invite him to come along. Introduce him to your friend and voila! He is off your case!

Example: Dating Coach and Relationship Expert Suzanna Mathews, aka The Date Maven, suggests using this line if you want to hook him up with one of your friends: “Thanks for your interest, but I’m not available (you don’t owe him an explanation). I do have a friend who would be great for you, though.”

This makes you look like a sweetheart, but he probably won’t follow through because the rejection/compliment combo will throw him for a loop.

If he tries to persist about your friend, simply say, "She’s available. I am not."