8 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Are Redefining What It Means To Be 'Sexy'

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I got a text message from a female friend of mine over the weekend. When I opened it, my heart did a little more than skip a beat and my blood pressure picked up by a few mmHg. I stared at my phone for a while before sending the best reply I could come up with at the time, and that was four heart-eye emojis.

No, she didn't send me nudes. She sent me a rough draft of an amazing business plan she drew up. I got butterflies, almost in a love at first sight type of way. I was turned on by her ambition and plans in a way I hadn't been turned on in quite some time. And I wasn't even looking at her.

I'm convinced that the entrepreneurial spirit of a female has become my greatest predilection. There are few things that are sexier to me than a woman who provides and creates for herself, and does so with an inimitable level of fierceness. Supermodels, step aside. Female entrepreneurs are the next generation of women in the workforce that will take the world by storm.

Here are eight reasons that may explain this:

1. Evolved ideals of female beauty.

Traditionally, baby hair, pretty toes, smooth legs and a sweet scent have always been my weaknesses. But I realized over the weekend, I'm truly attracted to a woman's drive, ambition and especially her entrepreneurial spirit in just the same way I'm attracted to any of her physical attributes.

2. In 2016, being an entrepreneur is pretty much a must.

There are some guys out there who want nothing more than to have their significant other take care of the home all day while they go out bring home the bacon. There is nothing wrong with “tradition,” I suppose. To each his own.

Amazingly, there are also men who are still intimidated by a successful woman, especially a woman fiercely aspiring towards something great. Some men might be turned off by it. I'm pretty sure that has more to do with insecurity than traditionalism. But again, to each his own.

But I live in 2016. Women have fought and continue to fight for the right to feel as empowered as they are today. Female entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, and it's a beautiful thing. It's not the best idea for anyone (let alone women) to rely on only one income. Entrepreneurship (even if it's just investing) is a necessity at this point in time.

Besides, why wouldn't you want an enterprising woman on your team? Especially if you're a man who's just as ambitious and hardworking, it makes the potential empire the of two of you could build together all the more greater.

3. It's not all about looks anymore.

In a time where women are sexualized and objectified more than they have ever been, looks are becoming so passé. There are so many physically gorgeous women in this world, and most of us are probably following most of them on Instagram.

For real, we're now able to see some of the most beautiful women from all reaches of the globe via this thing called social media. The days of being appalled by just physical appearances alone might be over for a lot of us. That's not to say I no longer appreciate the beauty of a woman. It's just that there is a new “it” factor for me, and that factor is an entrepreneurial spirit.

4. She's my muse and my source of inspiration.

Our discussions tend to revolve around topics that motivate and inspire me. The exchanging of ideas with her backs up the whole "iron sharpens iron" theory. She's able to bounce ideas off me, and I'm able to bounce ideas off her. Plus, it beats having to pretend I care about last week's episode of "Scandal."

5. Investing in her is actually investing in her.

Not all women are high-maintenance. Not all women need a new Celine bag or $800 heels. Some do, but the ambitious girl, while she may like nice things (it may be a part of what drives her), she's on her own mission to get them. So, if you're going to spend money on her, she'd rather you funnel some of that money into her business venture. That is, if she even needs your help.

She's insanely driven, so she gets it on her own. This makes me want to actually give her what I can, when she needs it. It's an investment, and even if the two of you don't end up working out, it's something you can still be proud of. It will probably even come around full circle for me. Those Jimmy Choo heels, however, will not.

6. Her passion is channeled properly.

When her mind is focused on a great cause she's passionate about, it's only natural for that passion to spill over to you. It's infectious. Besides, who doesn't want to be around someone who's passionate, but not crazy?

She works towards her goals, and uses her passion and work ethic as the driving force to get there. And while this is a defining trait for many women in the modeling world who have built empires out of their faces and bodies, the entrepreneurial woman builds something that was never created before. And to me, that's even sexier.

7. She understands entrepreneurship and the ups and downs that come with such a life.

As an entrepreneur myself, it's typically hard to find someone who understands the lifestyle. My work schedule isn't strictly 9-to-5. As a matter of fact, I may not even be getting paid immediately for my work. There may be times when finances are a little funny because that's just the reality of business.

But that's no biggie. She gets it. She's in the same boat. Her compassion is so attractive.

8. It's just all around sexy.

I'm definitely not here to objectify. But at the end of the day, I'm still a guy and I am still visual. And honestly, there is just something about the fierceness and tenacity of a driven woman that makes my mind wonder off into certain places. Forgive me. When I think of fierceness and tenacity, I think of Beyoncé. And when I think of Beyoncé … yeah, you understand. No disrespect, Hov.

There is nothing sexier in this world than a woman who provides for herself, creates great and does so completely unapologetically.