8 Realities For Every 20-Something Woman To Embrace While Coming Of Age

by Kelly Christensen

Sometimes, we find ourselves lost in the shuffle of daily life. In case you needed a reminder today, here are some self-evident truths for the modern young woman:

1. Happiness Is A State Of Mind. Find It.

You do not need any other human being in order to find happiness in this world. You need no other woman, man, parent, sibling or acquaintance to be happy. True happiness happens when you realize that it is not an object to be attained, but rather, an ideal to be realized.

2. Be Brave.

If you love someone, let him or her know -- immediately. Stop searching for the perfect circumstance and the perfect moment. It will never be perfect. You must do that which scares you, always, if you ever want to grow as a woman. Do not expect love in return because it simply won't always happen.

However, know that you are always -- always -- entitled to love. If the other person does not love you back, take your wonderful self and move on. You do deserve full and unconditional love; do not demand it — exude it.

If you do this, love will find you. You will be hurt in life and you will get rejected. This will suck and it will feel like your world is crumbling. But, these feelings are far better than some day coming to realize that you regret not telling a person how you felt.

3. Listen To Your Body.

If you are hungry, eat. Do not count calories if doing so gives you anxiety. Log off of social media sites if someone else’s highlight reel makes you feel bad about your behind-the-scenes, pre-production self.

Someone else’s over-edited bikini photos do not define you. If you are sad, cry. Let yourself feel what you are feeling and then move forward. Never stop growing. Listen to your body. If you are truly too tired, sleep. If you truly need a break, stop.

4. Draw The Line.

There is a difference between waiting and being patient. You must understand that patience is a virtue, but do not wait for any other person if he or she is not deserving or ready for you.

You are stronger than that. Do not wait for that person to love you, but be patient when the person you love is struggling. There is a difference and you must find that line.

5. Don’t Be Lazy.

Laziness is unacceptable. We live in an era in which women must do twice the work to receive half the credit that men do. If you want to be successful, work — if you only “kinda” want it, you will never get it.

If you want that grade, study. If you want that job, apply. If you want to get in shape, eat healthy. If you want to feel better, exercise. You future depends on you.

6. Hold Yourself Accountable.

Be accountable. Do not blame the world for your problems or your insecurities. A wise poet once wrote, “What’s past is prologue.” Your past explains how you came to this point, but it has never and will never define you. Every day is truly a new day. Take responsibility for your actions.

7. Seek (Real, True) Beauty.

Find beauty in all things. Do not judge others on physical appearances. You are better than that. If you find the positive in the experience, and you will never falter, you will thrive.

8. Accept Lack Of Permanence.

Nothing is permanent -- neither the bad, nor the good. When things aren’t going your way, remember that they will pass. Recognize the moment when you think you are having the time of your life because this, too, will some day end.

We are trying to balance impossible standards on shoulders that we are taught to believe are weak. The only expectation you have to fulfill is your own. If you want to see the world, work hard, save up and go.

If you want to skydiving, sign up. Remember that you can have the world. Remember that you are not relative to any other human. Seek joy, find truth and love wholeheartedly.

Strive to some day be able to look back on your life with a smile and a satisfied nod. Make sure you always strive for good, happiness and for self-actualization.

Photo via Tumblr