7 Reasons Why Drama Queens Lead Bigger, Better And Bolder Lives

by Zara Barrie

I can't quite put my black nail polish-adorned finger on the very moment I came to the disheartening realization that the term “Drama Queen” attained a negative connotation within the social context of our culture.

See, I emerged from the womb of a wildly DRAMATIC entity and can't imagine life any other way.

From the time I was a mere pipsqueak of a toddler, my parents quickly realized there was absolutely nothing subtle about me.

I embraced all the classic theatrical qualities from a tender age: the dramatic combination of naturally jet black hair contrasted with powder white skin, massive hyper-expressive eyes and hands that frenziedly moved in enormous gestures, often knocking over my mother's precious collection of porcelain delicates.

And they say being a Drama Queen is a choice. How terribly backward.

Contrary to popular opinion, being a Drama Queen is a truly wonderful thing.

The time has come for all of us bonafide queens-in-crime to begin to celebrate our dramatic existence, instead of apologizing for it.

We need to stop allowing society to shame us for simply leading more fabulously amplified and extemporaneously exciting lives.

Let’s own it, sisters. Let's collectively wrestle the term out of the restrictive arms of the unimaginative masses and give it back to whom it rightfully belongs to: us.

Let's uncover the great myth right here, right now. Contrary to what you think, Drama Queens are leading genuinely BETTER lives than their yawn-inducing, un-dramatic associates:

1. Anything you can do, we can do bigger and better

It’s no secret that we Drama Queens live large, mega-exaggerated lives. Our senses are heightened.

When we taste something, we truly taste that which penetrates our tongue. We take in sights and scents with an amplified, hyper-awareness.

Not only do we see the beauty in the world through a sharp, high definition lens — we also live our lives with a great intensity. When we go to Vegas, we GO to Vegas, if you catch my drift.

When you wore one delicate pearl necklace, we rocked 10, 20, 30 strands of pearls at once.

When you were tentative to wear that bold lipstick to the office, we strolled in with slate grey, heavy, smoky eyes, mega lashes and a shockingly violet matte lip.

We are the ladies who wear massive, shoulder-grazing hoop earrings and statement necklaces TOGETHER (and look fierce doing it too).

Whatever we do, we full-throttle commit. We order the appetizer, the main course and the f*cking dessert (always devouring every last morsel of food).

2. We rivet in both monologues and dialogues

A Drama Queen has a LOT to say. We are forever teeming with opinions and ideas and theories and observations.

Since we have such a whirlwind swirling inside of us at all times, we can’t help but EXPRESS it to the outer world. Luckily, the outer world enjoys the show.

You are simply “Drama” minus the “Queen” if you don’t possess the power to leave your audience riveted.

There is no room for drama without charisma. In fact, if you're melodramatic without the sparkles of pizzazz – I'm afraid you're just neurotic.

Drama Queens, however, can deeply engage their audience in a stream of consciousness monologue about anything.

We are the last of the great storytellers — reminiscent of the legendary beat generation.

Sometimes it can be lonely on the lone, bare stage of a one-woman show, and there is nothing we love and crave more than working with an excellent scene partner. We are collaborative women.

We love to play in the Ping-Pong game of dialogue as much as we adore taking on the challenge of a monologue.

We are the premier storytellers and conversationalists of the world, making both friends and fans everywhere we go.

3. We make one hell of an entrance (and exit)

A Drama Queen should teach a university course on how one should properly enter a room.

It’s just what we do, and as “dramatic” as our entrance appears – it’s actually effortless. I suppose some things just can’t be taught. Sigh.

One of my favorite Drama Queens is my friend, Lola. I don’t even think she’s aware of the cunning power of her entrance.

She arrives in a tornado you so desperately want to get caught up in: luscious blonde locks swinging behind her as her tinkling voice loudly gabs into her phone, enraptured in a fascinating conversation about a controversial subject matter, sporting massive gold-framed Ray-Ban aviators taking up space on her gorgeous face.

Watching her walk into the room is like a short film at a downtown indie theatre, and you better believe every single patron in the establishment has abandoned what he or she was doing in order to absorb the fierce energy of this supreme Drama Queen. Her presence is instantly established.

That being said, a Drama Queen takes as much pride in her exit as she does her entrance.

I have a dear friend who might as well have a master’s degree in the fine art of the exit — for she leaves either showering you in kisses or telling everyone in the room to “f*ck off," storming out with the special grace exclusive to drama queens in distress (don't try this at home; VERY few people can pull off bitch chic).

Whether she's left outrageously PISSED or deliriously loving you – her presence hangs heavily in the air long after she’s left, leaving her image burned into our memory for weeks to come.

4. The curtain never closes

Don't you just love losing yourself in the theater (stage and movies)? Oh to get wrapped up in the lives of written characters in order to avoid dealing with the banality of our own.

We feel a wave of depression when the curtains draw, the credits roll. We’re forced to go back to our bleak, lonely apartments and the mundane routine of our lives.

One of the many beauties in being a Drama Queen is our lives attain the constant thrill of theater, but the curtain never closes. Our world is always pregnant with the passion of performance.

5. The star power is real

There is just something about a true Drama Queen. Her energy is magnetic, and she draws people into her life.

Everyone has full, free-wheeling rein to leave her dramatic sphere at anytime. Yet no one ever does.

Because as much as you work to deny, you are as into watching the leading lady as much as you’re into watching the show.

6. We’re wildly expressive

It’s simply no fun to hold back, to toss your diverse myriad of contradictory feelings and pressing desires locked inside the cage of yourself and throw away the key.

What a terrible f*cking way to live this beautiful, SHORT life.

We Drama Queens are the most ferociously self-expressive people on the planet.

We can’t and won’t tone it down. We feverishly react to the world that surrounds us.

We don't hold back our tears and frequently indulge in fabulous sob-sessions. We have the kind of laughter that carries into the universe.

7. Because feelings are fierce

A Drama Queen is forever told she is FLAWED because of her massive floods of uncontrollable emotion.

You might think we are drowning in our feelings — but really we're just fine.

Because it feels GOOD to feel. We tossed out our prescription to numbness a while back.  We enjoy being alive, being present, paying attention.

We're not sleepwalking through life; we're recklessly indulging in the glory of it all.