30 Is The New Black: 7 Reasons Life Is Better In Your 30s Than Your 20s

by Kateri Wozny

Ahh, your 30s. The time of your life when everything seems to (finally) fall into place. In fact, I think Carrie Bradshaw said it best:

Enjoy yourself -- that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. And your 40s are to pay for the drinks.

In my 20s, I kept my eye on the ball with my career, worked hard, dated whomever I wanted and still partied like a rockstar.

But the whole time, I had no clue who the hell I was or what I thought I wanted and my personal and professional lives were not even close to what they are today.

For me, the soul-searching part didn't happen in college; it happened at age 30, when I left Minneapolis and moved to Los Angeles. Four years later, I feel more confident and happier in my skin than I ever have before.

Here are seven reasons why your 30s rock your 20s:

1. More career opportunities come your way

The more successful you become in your career, the more people will give you a first glance instead of a second. I worked in media my whole life and in my 20s, I paid in my dues, listened, learned and pursued any opportunity that I could (if it seemed legit) and networked like crazy.

Now, with a more established résumé and contacts, more people reach out to me for interviews or for freelance work. I am also finding my work to be more enjoyable and challenging.

2. Better income

With all that hard work comes a better, higher salary. You can tend to go a bit crazy spending on things you couldn’t before, such as vacations, cars and better meals, but don’t forget to save your hard-earned income, as well, so you can retire in the future.

My system is to save all of my freelance money and use my full-time job money to pay my bills and have fun.

3. You have more knowledge

They say knowledge is power and your knowledge about the field in which you work and things you have experienced in your personal life have expanded by this point.

Even your vocabulary grows! When I worked at my former TV station, I felt cool and confident when an intern would ask me for advice about the business because I remember being in her shoes just 10 years ago.

Your knowledge should always be widened, so I also tried to attend media seminars a few times a year to increase my skills. I even learned valuable insights from people I met at networking events.

4. You feel good about yourself and take better care

You feel like you have a better understanding about your life and the track it is on. If you come across as a positive, happy and successful person, others will pick up on it and want to be around you.

You will also feel sexier, both physically and mentally.

Some of the things I do to take good care of myself is moisturizing, wearing brands that I know are made from good quality fabrics, exercising regularly, reading one book a month, eating right and making sure I take proper care of my belongings.

5. You are better friends with your parents

You’re living life on your own terms and can finally talk to your parents about anything. I lived with my parents until I hit 30, which is nothing to be ashamed about; even Michael Jackson lived with his parents until he was 30!

My dad is the “king” of the house and allowed me to live rent-free and save my money after graduating from college. Although I was appreciative, it was not easy to live with Mom and Dad, who constantly wanted to know what was going on in my life.

I wanted to keep things as secretive as I could. Now, I don't feel like I'm on the defense when I go home and I feel like I can talk to my family more openly than I could in the past. Your mom and dad really are your best friends and greatest support team through thick and thin.

6. You know what you want from a relationship

You’ve dated enough douchebags and losers to finally realize exactly what you want from someone. If you’re dating someone who does not possess the qualities you want in the long run, cut it short; don’t get emotional, and move on.

7. You have a few close friends, not a “posse”

You can count on one or two hands how many close, unconditional friends you will have. After college, everyone establishes themselves in careers or relationships and things just gradually change and move on from there.

In college, I had a TON of guy friends, and as time went on, I had a small group of girlfriends with whom I liked to have fun and chat.

I've had some of them for 15 years! Cherish the fact that these are the kind of friendships that will last a lifetime.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr