50% Of Military Women Are Sexually Harassed

A new and disturbing study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs has concluded that women in the US Military aren’t getting half as much respect as they deserve.

In fact, nearly half of US women who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered from sexual harassment, while deployed. Another 23 percent of women admitted that they had been so much as sexually assaulted.

According to this study, the offenders of these sexual harassment and assault cases are almost all fellow service members. 47 percent of the women harassed stated that the offenders also held a higher rank than they did in the military.

The assault and harassment is also kept somewhat under wraps. 20,000 women served in Afghanistan in 2012, approximately, and only 115 assaults were ever officially reported.

Why is this being kept under wraps? And why are female service members not being treated with the same amount of respect? Women volunteer to sacrifice their time and lives to the military just as much as men do.

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Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images