5 Things Bound To Happen With Rihanna As Creative Director Of Puma

by Emily Arata

Bad girl Rihanna has taken over Puma.

Yesterday, the athletics brand Puma announced it hired Rihanna as creative director in “multi-year partnership” to revamp its image.

While RiRi is known as one of the great queens of style, it's less of the sweatpants kind and more the type to violate Instagram's terms of use.

And with the wild singer's new role, there are sure to be a host of changes.

Weed print just may be the new black.

Rihanna's love of marijuana is almost more famous than any of her singles, and with good reason: She's not secretive about it. The Barbados native tweets, Instagrams and generally preaches the Gospel of Ganja.

You can be sure at least one Rihanna-designed Puma piece will bear those trademark leaves.

Let the era of nipples begin.

Rihanna's never been shy about showing off her (killer) body, so you can bet Puma's ads will start displaying a little more skin.

In May, Instagram put the kibosh on the singer's account after she uploaded topless pictures. But Rihanna returned to the photo-sharing world in November, and she still can't be tamed.

Someone's definitely going to make an “Umbrella” joke.


There, I did it so no one else has to.

Even so, you can bank on at least one handprinted Etsy sweatshirt mashing up Rihanna's 2007 hit jam with her new brand allegiance. Rihanna's even likely to wear it on Instagram, where she's not shy about being goofy.

Sweatpants go with anything but sweatshirts, basics.

Rihanna has a long-documented appreciation for sweatpants paired with bikini tops. She might actually go to the gym like that — we can't know for certain. But one thing we do know for certain: There's no wearing them as a sweatsuit.

Maybe sweatpants and a bustier will be 2015's breakout style?

Rihanna, unleashed.

For years, Rihanna's been creatively manicured by her record label and social media. As anyone who's seen her Instagram can testify, there's a wild woman underneath the well-manicured facade.

If Puma is brave enough to set Rihanna free of constraints, the brand is in for a wild ride.

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