5 Reasons Why Olivia Wilde Should Be Every Gen-Y Girl's Role Model

Olivia Wilde is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also one cool chick — not to mention, a great Gen-Y role model.

Seriously, I just can’t get enough of the actress. From her thoughts on women in acting to her incredible sense of style, she has become my ultimate girl crush. Here are 5 reasons why you should love her too:

1. Her View On "Husband Hunting"

From social pressure to parental-pressure, I always have future on my mind, in particular the pressure to settle down. Olivia wants all of the marriage-crazed girls like me to pump the breaks a little. In an interview with Glamour, Wilde said, “DON'T propose to the next guy you meet just because you worry he'll be your last chance at lifelong companionship.

Sure, you've attended more bridal showers than yoga classes in the past year, but that doesn't mean you're destined to be a craggy spinster, searching for roommates on Craigslist at 50. The danger with "husband hunting" is you start to see every date as a job interview; it clouds your ability to get to know someone.” Preach it, Liv.

2. She Makes The First Move

Mom-to-be Olivia couldn’t look any cuter these days with her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, by her side. (Especially when she goes out wearing mustache maternity sweaters.)

But back in the early days before they were a couple, Olivia admits she was crushing hard on Jason but not getting very far. Eventually, she gave him her number. Now look at her — happy and in love with a bun in the oven. I’ll be sure to remember this the next time I run into Bradley Cooper. Hey, a girl can dream…

3. She's Passionate About Gender Equality

She utilizes her role as an actress to bring justice to women. You can watch her passion for gender equality unfold in this video from The State of Female Justice Panel as she speaks her mind about working actresses in Hollywood. She’s so cool...

4. She Once Rocked A Shaved Head

I appreciate honesty when it comes to fashion and beauty because we know that everything is PhotoShopped these days. Olivia confessed about her past beauty mistakes and I love her even more for it. In an interview with People, she admitted to shaving her head when she was little. “I did that awful gutterpunk undershave look when I was 12,” she said. “Not an easy grow-back process. It looked like I got run over by a tractor.” Haha oh, Olivia, you’re so funny!

5. She Is One Smart Cookie

Not only is she a beauty, but she also has brains to match. She co-created an online, shoppable magazine called Conscious. Conscious allows people to support organizations and charities through donations while shopping. Sign me up! In her interview with Vogue, Olivia talks about the goal of Conscious.

“The ultimate goal of our project is to transform the role of capitalism in our society and allow for wealth to recycle back into the system of production, instead of being funneled into the pockets of the one percent. It should be a given that our economy feeds itself, from top to bottom. What will help make this possible is the commitment of designers, manufacturers, and distributors to create goods that benefit the world, whether or not the consumer is even aware that they’re buying something socially conscious,” she said.

Thanks, Olivia, for being such a positive role model for Millennial women — keep rockin’.

Photo credit: WENN