5 Potential New Year's Eve Plans For The Single-Girl Homebody

by Sheena Sharma

New Year’s Eve is the most overrated night of the year. For the mid-20-something single girl, it’s the second most dreaded annual event, following Valentine’s Day, of course.

Tradition tells us to kiss someone at midnight, and we justifiably feel discriminated against because we don't have anyone with whom to complete the job.

Coupled friends have couples gatherings to attend, and they invite us because they're trying to be nice. But, we’d honestly rather not be bothered with having to be the only ones NOT making out with someone when the clock strikes 12.

Then, there are the 100 steps involved in the getting-ready process. We spend hours packing on makeup, squeezing our post-holiday bloated bodies into sequined dresses that are way too short and struggling to strap on pumps that are way too high.

We wake up the next morning with smeared mascara, face down on God-knows-whose couch. Then, we look in the mirror and question our poorly made, alcohol-infused choices.

After years of following the same routine, I’ve realized there are better ways to spare ourselves the embarrassment.

So, if you're a homebody like me, you'll eventually entertain alternative ideas to pass the time. Here’s a list of decent ways to spend your New Year’s Eve — sans the glitz, glam or man:

Host a dinner/potluck at your place.

This way, you can choose who will be there as you jump into your next year as a single woman. If you're smart, you'll only invite those who are positive influences in your life.

Let's not forget the added bonus: You can get as twisted as you want without having to worry about driving or getting home safe. Your friends will tuck your pathetic, single, drunk butt into bed.

Plan a hobby-oriented outing with your best single girlfriends.

Book an event (well in advance) at a place that includes your favorite things. If you're a sports person, try a bowling alley; if you sing or play an instrument, go to a live music concert.

Go somewhere and participate in an activity that makes you feel good about yourself; it will make your transition from one year into the next much more memorable. Five years down the road, you'll remember your leap into 2015 as being unique, rather than as a sloppy blackout.

Side note: Making it a point not to invite guys will make your night drama-free and also remove the pressure to find someone to kiss at midnight.

Get drunk alone and blow a ton of money online shopping.

All you'll need for this one: a laptop, your credit card and a bottle of wine. Use this night to treat yourself; you’ll wake up next year with a new wardrobe en route to your front door. New year, new you. Boom.

Sleep in.

This option is incredibly underrated. Use your day off to catch up on beauty sleep. Ultimately, NYE is just another night — don't believe the hype.

And, when everyone else wakes up hungover with a mouthful of "FMLs," you will feel refreshed and ready to take on 2015.

When all else fails, family prevails.

Your family will love you no matter what. If you're not into the idea of being alone on this night, ring in the New Year with your parents, brothers, sisters and cousins — whomever lives closest.

Oh, and PS: There's nothing wrong with being alone.